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AfricanColours Gallery walks in Kenya

The first gallery walk organised by AfricanColours took place in Sep. 23rd 2006. Participants included artists, art enthusiasts, residents and tourists. The tour was co-hosted by popular Kenyan artists John Kamicha and Maggie Otieno. The aim of this Gallery walk was to introduce art enthusiasts to the visual art scene in Nairobi and its environs. Feedback from participants and institutions visited was positive and the general feeling was that the trend must continue. Therefore AfricanColours organized further exciting Gallery walks. is a web site with the focus-point on information on visual artists and contemporary art in Africa.

1st AfricanColours Gallery walk at 23rd Sep. 2006

On Saturday September 23, art enthusiasts and artists gathered at the newest Nairobi Java House on Koinange Lane to initiate a new era of the art scene in Kenya. Though the organizers goal for the first event of its kind seen in Kenya was 20-30 guests, they ended up with over 50 guests including many outstanding artists such as Jak Katarikawe.

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2nd AfricanColours Gallery walk at 28th April 2007

The second AfricanColours Gallery Walk was held on the 28th April 2007 with visits to various art galleries situated in the city center as well as in the suburbs (Alliance Francaise, RaMoMa Gallery, GoDown Arts Center, Paa Ya Paa Gallery, Green Art Sculpture Park).

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Some photos:

3rd AfricanColours Gallery walk at 29th September 2007

The third Gallery Walk was scheduled for the 29th September 2007. The definitive destination was the probably most photographed house in Africa, Alan Donovan’s house in Athi River. Alan was a co-founder of African Heritage, the continent's first pan-African gallery in Nairobi which became a pioneering craft retail and wholesale operation. Through his work he discovered and revealed to the world Africa's rich cultural legacy and beauty. Alan’s residence is in itself a unique art gallery with collections of artifacts from all over the African continent ranging from masks to fabrics to paintings and sculptures. This visit was very exciting as Alan himself took the participants through his own personal journey of collecting these now very valuable art pieces in his possession.

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4th AfricanColours Gallery walk at 5th April 2008

The fourth Gallery Walk was held on the 5th of April 2008. This time the participants had the opportunity to discover the new RaMoMa gallery then bus out to the Kitengela plains to visit Nani Croze of the world famous Kitengela glass studios. Jimnah Kimani of the famed Java Coffee house paintings also in Kitengela opened his new studio doors especially for the GalleryWalk participants.

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Reflections from the 4th Gallery walk:

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